Built Environment Information Platform (BENIP) is the concept of smart and system-oriented city planning and development spanning over the domains of architecture, civil, and transportation engineering.
The conference is dealing with the topic of Built Environment Information Platform from different viewpoints. It shows the theoretical and practical aspects of the connected and chained world of engineering in the field of the built environment from the smaller entities of architecture (buildings) through the civil engineering domain (complex structures) to the big systems of transportation. The track gives an overview of how the engineering of our environment is structured from small to complex.
On the long term, the Conference on BENIP strives to be the main hub for scientists in the field of built environment who not only deal with one specific area of architecture, civil engineering, or transportation but are interested in topics of interdisciplinary nature. Therefore, this event is an interdisciplinary meeting point of scientists of the built environment, which is, therefore, able to foster the cooperation and information flow between the specific engineering areas of the built environment.